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Located at Tatum Ridge Golf Links 421 N. Tatum Rd. Sarasota. FL.

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"As 68 year old who was ready to quit playing golf I cannot say enough about Tim's style of teaching. He was my last hope and has made the game fun again, something I did not think would ever happen."
Jim Robinson, Lakewood Ranch.

Golf is a lot More Fun When You Play Better
Let Me Show You How, Today!

    You want to be a better golfer, and you can be. All it takes is one call to Conaway Golf Instruction. We’ll Do The Rest! Whether you want to play socially with friends or develop your skills to become an accomplished tournament golfer, we are ready and able to give you the help and instruction you need to reach your goals.

The best way to achieve personal improvement is by setting attainable goals for yourself. At Conaway Golf Instruction we start by mapping out your golfing goals, step-by-step, along with the strategies you need to undertake in order to achieve them. Together we’ll chart these strategies and our schedule for achieving them into your personal golf notebook. You’ll actually see your game improving as it happens.

Video Analysis
We take golf instruction to a new level with the assistance of state-of-the art teaching equipment and techniques. Video analysis pinpoints any flaws in your swing so we can correct them quickly. This analysis, together with a plan of action, accelerates your progress more than any other method.

Mental Game
There’s more to playing good golf and scoring well than just the swing. We’ll cover the mental aspects of the game in our program of instruction. You’ll learn how to visualize shots and how to manage the course to play your best.

With over 12 years of teaching experience, Tim Conaway has learned what works and what does not. He also knows how to bring out the best in golfers at every level of the game from beginners to pros.

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