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AimPoint Express and SeeMore Putter Institute

The ingredients for Perfect Putting

"That was the most impressive display of putting I have seen in a very long while."
told to Bob Hunt by one if his playing partners after his round.

Read Greens Like A Tour Pro

Accurately predicting how much the ball will curve for any putt is no longer a mystery. AimPoint Express will teach you very quickly how you can quantify how much break is in any putt, just like you quantify distance to your target from the fairway. Using that quantification, you will be able to paint a picture of how much break the putt has. This system is used by the world's best players and Conaway Golf Instruction is the only certified instructor from Sarasota to Miami. Look at the video below to find out more about AimPoint Express and click here to see the Class Schedule


 "I have much more confidence and feel that my putting is vastly improved. I would recommend Tim to anyone"
Russ DeLand, Sarasota, FL. 


             Putting consumes 40% of the total number of strokes taken during a round of golf. However, nationally only 6% of all of the lessons provided are on putting. When you have confidence in your putting, every other aspect of your game improves. Knowing you can make a four foot putt consistently makes your target much larger when you have to chip or pitch. This makes your chipping easier. If your chipping is easier, then there is less stress to hit the green from the fairway.

         The SeeMore Putting Lesson will improve your putting. Rooted in the fact that neutral angles and consistent ball position will create a natural putting stroke, the SeeMore System is quick to learn and easy to maintain.

        The SeeMore Putter is the ONLY putter that guarantees you are lined up to the ball correctly. The patented RST Technology available on every model is the reason. Take a look at the video below to learn more and click here to email Tim to get more information.

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Weekly Golf Tips and Info