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Hurricane Irma Relief

What a week we've had preparing for Irma. For the week, we feel like we have packed, moved, camped, reconfigured our garages, built a house, done major re-landscaping, spent money on stupid bunker food, and found new ways of cheating death, all the while being told we might die very, very soon. We haven't slept. during this time. Everyone in other states calls, messages, and texts with helpful advice that we knew already. Some lost income and some were robbed, or worse. Some came home to minor damage and for some it was major. The low pressure gave us headaches. Also, our kids have been out of school for DAYS without power and no way to entertain themselves other than looking at us like we are insane. So with all of that said I want to invite you to take advantage of several promotions in honor of Hurricane Irma before the end of the month.

All Clinics are BOGO. For every Scoring Zone Clinic or Short Game Clinic, you can bring a friend along for free with one paying customer.

When you book a 6 Pack Coaching Series you can choose an additional item at no extra charge:

1) A Nine Hole Playing Lesson (cart fee not included)

2) Complimentary Access to one AimPoint Class

3) Complimentary Access to Lowest Score Wins Seminar

4) Complimentary Club Yardage Session with FlightScope

5) Bring a friend for the session at no extra charge


6) Receive 10% off the retail price of the Coaching Series.

All Coaching Sessions must be booked and paid for before the end of September.

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Weekly Golf Tips and Info