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Its All About Impact

Golf is More Fun when you Hit the Ball Better

"I have worked with Tim for over 3 years at The Oaks Club. He is an outstanding teacher who knows the swing and adapts to each individual. He is patient and flexible. He can help your game. I started with Tim as a 21 Handicap and have been as low as a 10 index. I recommend him highly."
Bob Tufts - Osprey, FL

The Flightscope Difference - Now With FocusBand

Training with Flightscope is a Game Changer.  Flightscope captures over 20 different golf club and ball parameters in real time for every swing. It tracks the ball in its entire flight and is instantly transmitted to the Ipad in an animated representation. Additionally for every shot a 3D representation of what the club face did at impact can be viewed so the student can understand ball flight better and how it's created.

While FlightScope helps you train your swing, FocusBand helps you train your mind. FocusBand uses three sensors that are woven into a comfortable headband. These sensors monitor your brain activity. With FocusBand you can train and self regulate your emotional levels. With simple breathing exercises you are able to view your shift to a calmer state of mind.

FlightScope1 FlightScope2 flightscope3 flightscope4 flightscope5 flightscope6 flightscope7 FocusBand FocusBand1 Focusband2


Book a lesson with Tim and take advantage of this technology and more at no additional charge.

It's been called golf's  "moment of truth". It can make your day on the golf course a memorable one, or a dreadful one. What is it? Impact. The point where the club meets the ball. Impact is the only thing that influences where the ball is going to go. The chart above illustrates how ball flights are created based on what the club is doing at impact. What most students need to understand is that impact is a result of what you have done up to that point. To improve impact we need to identify what in the swing is breaking down to cause poor impact.

  • Pre-Shot Set Up: Everyone's posture is going to be subtly different, however the proper posture and set up that matches the individual enables the golfer to swing the club more efficiently.
  • Club Face Angle: In order to hit the ball towards a target, the clubface must be pointed accuratly at the time of impact.
  • Swing Plane: The influence the path of the club and the angle at which it descends into the ball has on the overall shot shape can not be overstated.
  • Connection: The ability to keep the hands and arms connected to the body throughout the swing is crucial to quality ball striking. The body is the engine of the swing, the hands and arms are just along for the ride.
  • Effortless Power: This is what everyone wants yet they struggle to attain it. Creating effortless power will get you to hit the ball distances you've never known before.



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Weekly Golf Tips and Info