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Training Aids

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You do not have to pay a lot of money for an effective training aid. driveway markers, nails and string, spray foot powder and swim noodles are just some of the items that I utilize every day in my instruction. I get a lot of companies trying to get me to endorse their product and most of them don't live up to my standards. A few of the ways I evaluate a product are:

  • Can I make this myself at a cheaper cost
  • Can I use this in multiple ways to help clients
  • Will this help my clients improve faster with it than without it

With that said there are some products on the market that I feel will definitely help you. The companies are listed below here.

 The best training aid to help with your full swing mechanics, rhythm and sequence. Conaway Golf Instruction students get special discounted pricing. Click in the image above to find out more.


A great resource for all things short game related. Whether you are looking to focus on putting, chipping or bunker play Eyeline Golf has the product for you. Click on the image above for more information.

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Weekly Golf Tips and Info