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Why Tim?

"I have had many professional golf instructors (many PGA certified) over the past twenty years. Tim was the only one who helped me make drastic improvements with a changed swing in a very short time. He let me work within my personal limits rather than using a one size fits all method of teaching."
Howard Temkin, Sarasota, FL 

Tim ConawayI know in Sarasota Florida there are numerous options available to you for golf instruction. Please allow me a few minutes to explain to you why I believe I can provide faster results and longer lasting improvement better than anyone.

  1. Passion

    I have a passion for the game of golf and a desire to help others enjoy the game to the best of their ability. Your goals as a golfer become my goals as well. Whether you are a beginner or a player who as aspirations to play at a high level, whatever you want to achieve in golf I can help you get there.

  2. Education

    Like you I am a student of the game. I regularly attend educational workshops and seminars to increase my knowledge, not only on the mechanics of the golf swing, but also how to communicate best to students.. Learning is a lifelong process and if we are not learning, we are not living.

  3. Technology

    I use the latest golf instruction technology with Video Anaylsis and Flightscope 3D Doppler Tracking. This allows me to know exactly what is happening with your club and golf ball so I can help improve faster.

  4. Customization

    I will design a custom program just for you based on the goals that you want to reach. I will work on developing a swing that is fit for YOU. I do NOT teach one swing to all students because each student it unique. Each student learns a swing that works best for their body size, shape, strength, flexibility and athleticism. I have been teaching for over 14 years and have encountered all different body and swing types and have been able to get results for all of them.

  5. Certification

    In a constant effort to expand my skill set so I can be more effective with my clients I have achieved several certifications. I am a FlightScope Certified Professional, a SeeMore Putter Institute Certified Instructor and an AimPoint Express Certified Instructor. The knowledge that I have learned through these certifications enable me to be more effective with my clients so that they can make long lasting improvements in their game.

  6. Exclusive Tips

    I will send you my FREE E-Newsletter - I regularly send emails to my students that include instruction, tips, and videos on various topics of the game that will help you with your improvement.

  7. Guaranteed Improvement

    I GUARANTEE you will leave the lesson with a better knowledge and understanding of how the golf swing functions. Just take a look at my testimonials and see what some of my students have experienced. There you have it. I appreciate you taking the time to read this and I look forward to helping you become a better golfer.

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Weekly Golf Tips and Info