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identifies what the club is doing at impact and what the ball is doing in flight so the proper adjustments can be made to enhance performance. It provides instant feedback to both the instructor and the student so that they can improve faster. Students can see their ball flight in 3D and understand the club dynamics involved that created it. When it comes to practice, FlightScope makes it fun, informative and measurable with its skills app and will change the way you compete. With every shot, getting instant feedback on the results as well as club dynamics will enable the student to train smarter, not harder.

portable golf launch monitor and simulator



Provides real time comprehensive ground forces data and biofeedback to help you understand how to utilize the ground correctly. Its portability allows us to use this technology for any shot you might encounter wether its driving the ball, hitting your approach shots, executing bunker shots and even putting the ball. This technology seamlessly works with Flightscope so we will be able identify how the ground forces affect club dynamics.

boditrak golf pressure mat


Motion2Coach is the most comprehensive swing analysis software in the world. In one swing, without any additional markers to put on, Motion2Coach analyzes and displays how individual body segments move, the kinematic sequence in which they move in and the forces being applied into the ground that influences how the movement is created. The end result is a total understanding of how you swing the club so effective and CORRECT changes can be made.

Motion2Coach swing analysis application

WellPutt Training Mats

WellPutt training matts provide a “low tech” solution to improve your putting. Whether it’s clubface alignment, starting line consistency, posture and eye position or speed control our Custom Putting Mat will improve your putting dramatically. Combining their free app and the 10 foot Classic Mat you can keep stats of your improvement and compete against others online.

WellPutt putting training mat


ExPutt offers long term improvement for your short game. It combines stroke analysis, simulation, statistical analysis and gamification for your training. Completely customizable, you can train on any green speed, any slope and identify your path, face angle, tempo and ball speed - all significant elements to understand so you can be a better putter.

Exputt RG putting simulator


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